Cliq Mondes

Cinq Mondes Products, Beauty Recipes of the World®

Jean-Louis Poiroux, founder of Cinq Mondes, has developed a unique line of natural skincare products inspired by ancient beauty recipes. Cinq Mondes products are specifically adapted for use in professional treatments with formulas that are both effective and harmless thanks to our research into Phyto-aromatics

Skin Care

Launching October 22, 2018


Bali Flowers & Fruits Ritual – Radiance Facial Treatment

Deeply cleansing and skin perfecting treatment inspired by Balinese beauty rituals. Skin benifits from the natural tropical flowers and AHA fruit acid active ingredients to restore skin and leave it purified, radiant and smoothed.

55 mins – $140


Ko Bi Do – Lifting and Plumping Facial Treatment

This anti-wrinkle treatment is inspired by the time-honored Japanese Ritual “Ko Bi Do”, a remarkable manual face lifting technique, performed on the whole face and neck, using deep massage movements that leave skin toned, smoothed and plumped.


55 min – $160

Body Rituals & Massage

Launching November 18, 2019


Moroccan Massage Ritual

Inspired by North African traditions, this massage focuses on the entire body using delicately perfumed warm Argan oil.  The expert hands of the massage practitioner envelop you with slow, deep movements to promote a state of pure wellness.

55 min – $120


Tonifying Indian Ayuveic Massage Ritual

Enjoy the warm scents of vanilla and cardamom in this toning massage inspired by time-honored Indian traditions.  A succession of various energetic and warming rythms releases and relaxes the  muscles.

55 min – $120

Nail Styling


5 World Regenerating Manicure

An all-natural moisturizing manicure complimenting an array of rituals from around the globe.  Includes a soothing hand bath with choice of exotic island inspired oils and exfoliation scrub, cuticle cleaning and shaping of the nail, enhanced by a relaxing and hydrating hand massage. Complete with nail polish of choice.

45 min- $35



Cinq Mondes (Five Worlds) introduces Beauty Rituals of the world to our pedicure services. Each pedicure comes with an aromatherapy soak to support your sense of well-being. Includes an customized salt scrub, dry body oils, and body balms to hydrate your legs and feet.

Calming and Hydrating Pedicure

Drawing inspiration from the Polynesian Islands and perfectly suitable for the most sensitive skin, this traditional preparation of Monoï, made from infused Tiaré blossoms (Tahitian gardenias), raw sugar and ground coconut powder will regenerate skin and awaken the spirit.

55 min – $65


Energizing and Warming Pedicure

Enjoy a wonderful moment of well-being with this ancestral ritual inspired by beauty recipes and treatments from the island of Java.
With a fascinating earthy scent and a brilliant energizing recipe featuring zesty spices and sea salts, you’ll awaken to a satin smooth skin and a stimulating sense of energy.

55 min – $65