Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Performed by: Kaeley Fiorentino CLT-LMT

This treatment has a purpose for each individual. The treatment benefits the average healthy lymphatic system by
giving the body a natural cleanse and removing unneeded toxins from the tissue.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage, MLD , is a unique, superficial, gentle type of skin massage. This technique promotes drainage of the lymph nodes. This massage promotes the circulation of fluid through your body to remove toxins and extra water, carrying waste products away from the tissue and back to the heart. During this procedure the full body as well as the breast tissue and abdomen are massaged with light pressure.

MLD is a potent way to activate the lymphatic system, especially when the transport capacity of the lymph vessel is reduced, because of prior surgery and/or radiation therapy. *MLD is NOT enough on its own to treat a Lymphedema or Lipedema  patient. *

Session Pricing

(consultation time is set for 15 minutes not included in your time, with no additional fee)
❖ 70 minute service with time for consultation
➢ $120.00
❖ 100 minute service with time for consultation
➢ $140.00
❖ 30 minute service (abdomen only)
➢ $75.00

If you think you need more than 15 minutes of consultation time consult with the front desk so we can
accommodate your needs!

Being that is a medical massage a more intensive background of each client is needed and is imperative to
properly treating the individual.

Lymphedema vs. Lipedema

Lymphedema is the swelling in an arm or leg caused by a lymphatic system blockage.
Resulting in:
Swelling of the extremities (arms and legs)
Swollen lymph nodes
Water retention
Skin rashes
Skins appears as if it looks an orange peel

Lipedema is a disorder characterized by symmetric enlargement of the legs due to deposits of fat beneath
the skin. [more commonly see in women, can also be treated with MLD]

*Consult a physician for a proper treatment plan if you have one of these illnesses.*

MLD Helps improve the following

❖Chronic fatigue
❖Rheumatoid arthritis
❖Lymes disease
❖Immune deficiencies

Benefits of MLD…. WITH regular treatment

❖Increase blood flow
❖Lymphatic circulation
❖Relaxes nerves, calms body
❖Detoxifies the body
❖(helps) Prevents secondary infection
❖(helps) with seasonal allergies
❖Increases rate of digestion
❖Reduces constipation
❖Reduces water retention
❖Increases metabolic rate

Contraindications …

If you have or fall into any of the categories below you can NOT receive this treatment!
❖ Acute congestive heart failure
❖ Pain is present
❖ Active blood clots
❖ Infection
❖ Undiagnosed Cancer
❖ Currently receiving chemotherapy
❖ Localized swelling AFTER surgery
❖ Active bleeding
❖ Acute renal failure