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Experience Qigong Acupressure… Take 10% off  your reservation with Min Feng during the month of Febuary

*New clients only

Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise that stimulates and balances the flow of Qi or vital life energy, along energy pathway-meridians.  Qigong cultivates inner strength, calms the mind and restores the body to its natural state of health by maintaining the optimum functioning of the body’s self-regulating system.  Acupressure involves using finger pressure on related pressure points throughout the body to stimulate the flow of Qi through the meridians. It can also incorporate massage along the meridians to activate the energy of the body.  During the section, the client will be taught how to practice breathing and calm down, be massaged in a relaxed state.

Combining Qigong and ccupressure can let the client whole body relax,Qi and Blood flow smoothly. It’s benefit for pain relief, hypertension, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder,etc.

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