Body Care

  • Luxurious Papaya and Macadamia Polish Treatment

  • 55 min $100

    Indulge your body and mind with this ultra-luxurious body scrub enriched with Essential Fatty Acids and Papaya Enzymes. This pampering scrub will remove dull, dead skin, leaving your body intensely hydrated, silky and nurtured.

  • Cucumber and Aloe Body Treatment

  • 55 min $110

    For sun-drenched, wind-burned, sun-burned skin. We will envelop you in a cooling and healing Aloe and Cucumber masque. Cool marble stones are rhythmically massaged onto the skin.

  • 85 Minute Restorative Body Bliss

  • 85 mins $165 

    Can’t decide which service to try? You don’t have to! Try our new 85 Minute Restorative Body Bliss service. It combines our Macadamia and Papaya Body Polish with the luxurious body Cucumber and Aloe body treatment.

  • Soothing Muscle Aromatic Scrub

  • 55 mins $110 

    A luxurious polish treatment that energizes the body and removes dead skin cells. Containing Five Spices from Java, Indonesia -including Organic Sea Salt and Organic Almond Powder,
    this gently purifies and tones the body leaving skin satiny soft and soothes achy muscles.
    *Great for post work out to relax muscles and/or accompanied by a massage

  • Sublime Hydrating Aromatic Scrub

  • 55 mins $110 

    Certified 100% Organic Coconut and Sugar blend are considered “secret” ingredients for good health in traditional Polynesian Culture. The gentle scrub does no harm to extremely dry or sensitive  skin thanks to it’s regenerative and protective qualities. Helps eliminate impurities in skin and restores your skins beautiful, natural radiance with pure Organic Avocado Oil.
    *Will enhance the appearance and duration of your Organic Chocolate Sun Spray Tan. Polish is recommended to be  performed within 24 hours or immediately prior to your tanning service.