Dear Metropolis Community,


We understand these are concerning and unprecedented times that require detailed and unprecedented measures.  In an effort to preserve the health and well-being of our team, customers, and community, Metropolis Spa & Salon is committed to adopting the utmost in safety and hygiene methods available to us.


Therefore, to help ensure the safety of all, we will be implementing the following measures until further notice.




  • Social distancing requirements will be maintained throughout the premises reducing total capacity to approximately 50%.  We have limited, designated workstations including shampoo basins and processing chairs.




  • New State of the Art Air Filtration System:

We are taking every precaution to protect our employees and our clients by installing state of the art air sanitizing system:


The KES Science AIRPRO XL System covers up to 10,000 cubic feet drawing airborne pathogens, bacteria and viruses into a patented NASA designed UV and POC reaction chamber which destroys the structure of these germs, only allowing clean sanitized air to exit the machine, with no emissions and no ozone. Removes and kills 99.9 % of VOC’s & related Odor removal. Eco-friendly-No paper or Carbon Filters to replace.


    • All linens are laundered at the highest water temperature in between every single client. This includes towels, sheets, capes, robes and face cradle covers, etc.
    • All worksurfaces will be sanitized with alcohol or approved disinfectants in between every client. 
    • All high touch areas (bathrooms, doorknobs, etc.) will be sanitized constantly throughout the day. 


  • Hand sanitizer, alcohol spray, and Plane-Aire are provided at all stations and throughout the main areas of the building. 


  • We are adding CDC approved plexiglass dividers where possible to ensure the safety of everyone (i.e. front desk, manicure and pedicure stations)


  • We have expanded business days and hours to help accommodate both social distancing guidelines and to service our large customer base without forcing our clients to wait longer to secure their appointments.


  • We will provide a streamlined system in order to minimize physical contact.
    • Personal greeting and check-in upon arrival to alleviate stopping at the front desk


  • All customers must pay with a chip-enabled card, Apple pay, or Samsung pay. No receipts will be signed/exchanged unless requested. 


  • No cash back for gratuities or any cash transactions. (If desired, you may provide the gratuity directly to the service provider)


  • Personal check out and rebooking while seated to reduce lines at the front desk. 


  • We will not be providing beverages or refreshments.


  • We will not be offering foot soaks and neck wraps for spa guests.


  • We will be limiting the use of our locker rooms and encourage guests to change directly in their treatment room.


Staff members:


  • Each team member will be required to have a temperature check prior to their shift.


  • Each team member will be required to wear a face mask and shield at all times while in the salon and performing services. Gloves will be used whenever possible.


  • Each service provider will be required to sanitize their hands and work areas in between every client. 


  • All tools will be sanitized after each service (as this is already a policy in our industry). 


  • Each staff member has been re-certified in COVID specific sanitation practices by Barbicide – the international leader in our industry.


  • Team members will not be allowed to congregate in the building and will not be gathering in groups. We have also closed our break room. 


  • No staff members will be allowed to remain in the salon if they show signs of illness.


  • Social touching will be discouraged such as handshaking and hugging to minimize contact due to social distancing rules.




  • For any color service, virtual consultations are suggested prior to booking your appointment so we can better manage the time of service and properly book the appointments according to your customized needs.


  • All clients will be required to wear a face mask upon entering the building. We will provide medical grade tape to position your mask in the best way to not interfere with your service.


  • Prior to entering the building, all persons will be required to have their temperature taken using a no-touch thermometer. If your temperature is outside of the recommended guidelines, we kindly require that you reschedule your appointment for another time. 


  • Prior to entering the building, all persons will be required to answer a short questionnaire as per CDC recommended guidelines.


  • All clients will be required to sanitize their hands upon arrival into the building and prior to your service.


  • To adhere to CDC and social distancing guidelines, we may only allow purchasing guests to enter the building. (Relatives and others must stay home)


  • Upon check-in, clients will be encouraged to wait for their appointment outside the building, or in their cars. Our customer service team will text you once your service provider is ready to begin your service. 


  • A reminder that credit card transactions will be the only form of payment. No cash or cashback for gratuities will be provided. 


Metropolis Spa Salon wishes to thank you in advance for your amazing patronage and understanding of all these changes. We like and miss all of you, and hope this crisis ends very soon so that we all can breathe a collective sigh of relief. We pray that our loved ones are safe from this terrible virus and that our lives can be carefree and fulfilling as before.


Please be safe. We wish you health, happiness, and love.




Theresa and the Metropolis family

Cashless Gratuity via Venmo