Ouidad At Metropolis

The pioneer of the curly hair industry, Ouidad opened the first salon in the country catering exclusively to curly hair in 1984. Now featured at Metropolis, Ouidad services are the go-to for curly girls looking to enhance their natural curl structure. Allow our five nationally certified Ouidad stylists perfect the look and feel of your hair!

  • Carve & Slice

    • Carving & Slicing® is a curl-specific cutting technique performed exclusively by trained stylists at Ouidad Flagship Salons and Ouidad Certified Salons across the country. Developed by Ouidad herself, Carving & Slicing® is the only trademarked technique for curly hair. The technique is based on strategically cutting hair at the curvature of the curl pattern to create sculpted, defined curls that “fit together” like puzzle pieces. The proprietary method of cutting helps eliminate unwanted bulk that can obscure the curl pattern, so that well-formed curls can shine through. Stylists go through rigorous and detailed expert training to earn the right to practice the technique. Their clients get the benefit of a haircut that is specifically for their hair type and leaves them with healthier, more manageable hair, along with a new level of curl confidence.
    • Junior – $83+
    • Next Generation – $94+
    • Artist – $105+
    • Designer – $116+
    • Master – $127+
    • Mentor – $138+

  • Rake & Shake

    • Developed exclusively for curly hair, “Rake & Shake” is a simple yet effective method for enhancing and encouraging defined curls. It’s the perfect way to distribute product evenly throughout hair, activate and define curls and create a smooth, soft finish
    • Junior – $44+
    • Next Generation – $55+
    • Artist – $66+
    • Designer – $77+
    • Master – $88+
    • Mentor – $99+