The Braid and Bun Bar

Metropolis Braid & Bar Bun

Pricing: $44

What does My express braid & Bun Service Include?

Your express braid & bun bar service includes any pre-selected express style from our braid & bun bar menu

The picture of the style I chose shows that the hair is curled; does this mean my hair will be curled to match the picture?

No. Even though the braid & bun bar service menu does include hair of all lengths & textures, you must keep in mind your stylist can only work with the hair that you have. That being said, if you choose a style that is pictured on someone with a different hair length or type, please be aware that the style may look slightly different based upon your hair type.

Does the express braid & bun bar service include a blow dry?

No, the express braid & bun services do not include a blow dry, but we will be happy to book in a blow dry prior to your braid & bun bar service for an additional fee.

How long is my express style appointment?

Please note, since the braid & bun bar includes “express” styles, the appointments are only booked for 15 minutes. In lieu of this, it is imperative that all clients having a braid or bun bar appointment arrive on time to their scheduled appointment. If you are late to the appointment, there is a chance that you will not be able to be taken.

Does my bun include the bun piece?

No, the bun bar service does not include the bun hair piece. The first time you get a bun bar service you may purchase your bun piece at a cost of $10, or you may bring in a bun piece of your own. Once you purchase the bun piece you may re-use it at the bun bar as many times as you’d like.