Naturopathica means healing with natural therapies.

We empower personal transformation by providing 21st Century Wellness tools for the mind, body, and spirit.

Our Philosophy is based on our roots. Naturopathica stems from Naturopathic medicine, which emphasizes healing with natural therapies.

Each Naturopathica service is accompanied by an custom-mixed herbal tea remedy, featuring Wise Concoction Teas and Tinctures specifically formulated to improve health and well-being. We encourage you to take this time after your service to relax, be mindful, and enjoy this carefully prepared tea.

Naturopathica Holistic Facial

This signature facial is the result of more than 20 years of expertise rolled into one transformative treatment. This facial embodies our core belief that radiant skin is a reflection of health on the inside. Start by identifying your unique Skin Personality through a conversation about diet, stress level, lifestyle and skin care. Skin Personalities, our alternative to skin types, provide a more holistic look at skin health so that you can better understand and address all the factors that impact your skin. Your facial will begin with a luxurious lymphatic brushing followed by a detailed sculpting massage with our probiotic Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm to release facial tension, improve blood flow and nourish your skin’s microbiome. After analyzing your skin, our highly skilled esthetician will customize your facial with a series of targeted treatments, including exfoliation and extractions. Leave with a holistic prescription of skin care, beauty foods, herbal remedies and well-being rituals that will boost and sustain your results in between treatments.


75 minutes $165 

Pure Results Facial

Experience dramatic results with this skin conditioning treatment designed to address issues of inflammation – the primary cause of premature aging. The session begins with an exfoliating treatment to sweep away dead surface cells and impurities, followed by the Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum, which is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, radiance, smoothness and firmness.

Choose one add on treatment:

This high-potency skin rejuvenation treatment helps visibly refine the skin, stimulate collagen and brighten the complexion.

A custom formulation of micronized French Seaweed and our nourishing seed oils to address specific concerns.

An advanced refining peel for dull complexions.
An advanced Glycolic or Salicylic Acid peel to reduce fine lines.
Helps reduce sun damage and restore a healthy glow.
Reduces puffiness, under eye discoloration and wrinkles – Gently exfoliates dry, flaky skin and leaves lips smooth and supple.


55 min – $145

85 min – $210 (includes your choice of one facial enhancement)

Arnica Deep Tissue Massage

Created especially for tension relief, this intensive treatment is designed to relax sore muscles, tendons and stiff joints by enhancing deep tissue massage with Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Russian Massage techniques, utilizing the best ingredients of nature’s pharmacy for muscle recovery.


55 min – $125

85 min – $180

Moisture Drench Body Treatment
This ultimate skin conditioning treatment is like having a “facial for the body”. The treatment begins with a dry brush exfoliation. Dry Brushing is a popular Ayuvedic treatment which sheds dead skin cells, increases circulation, and improves lymphatic drainage. Your exfoliation is followed by an application of a Mineral-Rich Seaweed serum infused with Japanese Plum extract to revitalize and detox the body. This luxurious service is then completed with massage using a nourishing body oil to seal in moisture and replenish the skin. Your results are smoother, brighter, and healthier more supple skin.
Benefits of Dry Brushing
  • Increased circulation
  • Helps skin absorb more nutrients 
  • Shed dead skin cells
  • Helps with ingrown hair
  • Assist in improving lymphatic drainage releasing toxins
  • Rejuvenates the nervous system
  • Helps muscle tone in giving a more even distribution of fat 

55 min – $125